Top 10 HTML to WordPress Migration Companies to Hire

WordPress is one of the most popular Content Management Systems that is available nowadays. The amazing features possessed by this platform has made it the most desired choice of millions all over the globe.

WordPress houses a huge collection of themes, plugins along with some additional functionalities and customization options that made the entire process of website development a very easy one.

Due to the extraordinary features possessed by WordPress and its ever growing popularity, a large number of website owners have started resorting to this platform by converting their existing HTML websites into WordPress. HTMLis an intricate platform for the purpose of developing and customizing when compared with WordPress. A significant amount of technical skill is required to perform any modifications on the HTML site.

Top 10 HTML to WordPress Migration Companies:

So, if you are looking to migrate from HTML to WordPress, below are the top 10 companies that will provide you the best conversion services.

1. WordSuccor Ltd.

WordSuccor Ltd. provides top-notch, W3C compliant and completely hand-coded HTML to WordPress theme migration services. They scrutinize your website and filter all the content manually that needs to be migrated to your WordPress website. Their team consists of highly skilled and certified developers that enable them to deliver a well-developed and robust website.

The steps followed by them for the conversion process are pretty simple and accurate. You need not worry about the coding part and a fully converted website will be handed over to you.

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2. Designs2HTML

Design2HTML possesses a team of more than 250 highly proficient developers that believe in result driven and quality rich development services. The main motto of the company is to satisfy the requirements of the clients by converting static HTML sites into WordPress platform. Design2HTML delivers expert solutions and is the best suited for first-rate conversion services.

All the websites developed by Design2HTML’s web developers are SEO optimized as they make use of SEO semantic markup. All the web pages developed by the company are responsive In nature.

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3. Markupcloud

High-quality and technically sound conversions are the main motto of Markupcloud. Along with the HTML to WordPress conversion services, a wide range of other conversion services are also provided. The professional team of developers at Markupcloud will live up to its client’s expectations and even exceed them. The services are provided at a swift pace along with taking care of the quality. A seamless communication is provided throughout the development phase by the technical support team.

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4. Stellen Infotech

Stellen Infotech is a web development company that offers scalable, sophisticated and reliable websites for businesses of all scales and verticals. The company is well-recognized in providing HTML to WordPress conversion services that are of the highest- quality. Stellen Infotech believes in providing its clients with services that are based upon their expectations and also at a very economical price. Till date, the company has successfully delivered projects to more than 1200 clients.

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5. WordPressIntegration

WordPressIntegration has made its mark in providing HTML to WordPress conversion services at one of the most affordable rates. This company enjoys a 100% client satisfaction and maintains a transparency while providing services to its clients.

All the projects are timely delivered and even ahead of the estimated time in some cases. WordPressIntegration provides its clients with a 24/7 customer support service that is dedicated towards solving their queries.

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6. Sparx IT Solutions

Providing high-quality conversion services is the sole purpose of Sparx IT Solutions. All the conversion services are highly innovative that has constantly enabled the company to feature in the list of top 10 HTML to WordPress migration service providers. The highly professional team of WordPress developers will provide top-notch solutions for migrating HTML to WordPress.

The developers at Sparx IT Solutions are well known to deliver solutions beyond the standard specifications that will boost your business and allow it to gain maximum visibility.

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7. PSDtoWordPressExpert

PSDtoWordPressExpert is a company that is based in the US and provides static HTML to WordPress conversion services. This company has been rated best in terms of service cost. They have a dedicated team of developers that will increase the visibility of your website by offering one of the best HTML to WordPress conversion services.

Regardless of the size of the project, they focus on the migration services and deliver you the best possible results. With PSDtoWordPressExpert, you will get a maximum value of the investment that you have made with them.

8. Webby Monks

Webby Monks impart optimal HTML to WordPress conversion services alongside keeping a check over the responsiveness of the converted website. More than 200 projects have been successfully delivered by the company. Webby Monks has a team of developers that are well-versed with all the latest technologies. They implement all their skills during the development phase.

The details of all the past and present clients are kept secret as the company strictly adheres to the NDA terms. All the websites developed by Webby Monks developers consist of clean and commended markups. From the commencement of the project to its delivery, round the clock customer support will be provided to you.

9. HireWPGeeks

HireWPGeeks is among the reputed and well know web development companies whose main objective is to provide a wide range of web solutions to industries of every scale and vertical. The company offers scalable, responsive, W3C validated and multiple-browser compatible HTML to WordPress migration services. All the cutting edge technologies and latest trends are implemented in the WordPress conversion services.

One of the most experienced developers, designers, coders and programmers will assist you in converting the static HTML web pages into a visually appealing WordPress website. HireWPGeeks will enable you to transform your HTML website at the most economical price.

10. MarkupBox

This company offers an All-in-One solution for WordPress development, HTML to WordPress migration and JavaScript development services at the lowest price available. Since the time of its establishment in the year 2006, it has successfully delivered high-quality projects to all its clients. Apart from the HTML to WordPress conversion services MarkupBox also caters PSD to Joomla, PSD to WordPress, PSD to Drupal and many other conversion services.


The above list of the top 10 companies will act as a guidance when you are looking to migrate from HTML to WordPress. Every company listed above is best in its own way. It is you who has to decide that which company will provide you the services based on your requirements.


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