7 Myths About WordPress Themes Every WordPress User Should Be Aware Of

The phenomenal growth of WordPress in the last few years has spawned a whole industry - that of themes. Even though WordPress is inherently blogging software, because of advanced and designer themes with all the CMS functionalities, WordPress has also become the most popular CMS platform. 

In a nutshell, WordPress as a CMS is, to a large extent, theme driven. And so you have WordPress themes for corporate websites, portfolio sites, directory sites, classified sites, Q&A sites, photography sites, discussion forum sites, ecommerce sites and whole lot of other kind of websites possible. No matter what your website frontend requirement, you will find a readymade theme for it. 
But as is obvious with anything that’s popular, the rise of WordPress themes have also resulted in a number of misconceptions in the minds of unsuspecting amateur WordPress users. Here we have shed light on 7 of these popular myths. 

7 Myths About WordPress Themes:

Myth #1 – WordPress Themes Are Not Secure

This is a myth derived from another myth - that WordPress itself isn’t secure. Internet is a medium where nothing can be 100% secure. Your website's security depends largely on how precautious you are. If the plug-in, themes or any other major element of your website is outdated, your website might be at security risk. One of the reasons why WordPress sites are hacked more often is because of its popularity and then there are more number of WordPress sites than any other.  The hosting company can also be blamed for selective security issues that your website might face. And most premium theme developers consistently come up with security updates to make WordPress more secure than it was before. As a precaution, avoid free themes as those are poorly coded and hardly maintained. Always go for premium themes. 

Myth #2 – WordPress Themes Can’t be Fully Customized

It is not true that WordPress themes cannot be edited and personalized to align with website requirements. Any good WordPress theme, whether free or premium provides an array of options to synchronize the theme with your brand and strategies. Most of the premium themes you opt for have advanced options panel from where you can customize all aspects of your site. Not only this, WordPress is customizable to the extent that the entire original theme is changed or alternatively you can edit theme files as well. With the website builder option in the premium themes, you can change or create page layouts by editing the number of columns and rows. And even if the theme itself doesn’t have all the customization options, you can always go for WordPress development services offered by professional developers, as these services mostly come at reasonably cheap price.  

Myth #3 – Premium Themes Are Costly 

Premium themes are often considered to be expensive given that WordPress.org has a whole repository of free themes. But unless you are developers you can really use any of the free themes for professional websites. And talking about premium themes, a typical premium theme with advanced features will cost you around $50-100, whereas a custom built theme demands about $1500-2000 of investment. That’s around 20 times the cost of a readymade premium theme. Most of the premium themes provide customer support, tutorials, documentations, access to support forums, and regular updates at no extra costs. 

Myth #4 – All WordPress Themes Are Same

The feature panel for the themes might be similar but it’s near to impossible that all the themes are equal or same. Every developer has his own way of looking at things and therefore, it cannot be true for premium themes to be the same. When you look into the themes, you get to see that the codes are different along with the approach. How things are achieved by different developers is also bound to vary from each other. It depends on how you have put in that uniqueness to the theme and you can get a well designed and exclusive website.

Myth #5 – Annual subscription is not worthy

If you are opting for a single theme license, you get to try only one theme. Though initially it doesn’t seem to be a bad option but when you opt for an annual subscription, you have access to all the themes that the developer provides. You get lot of different option to try out, when you opt for an annual subscription. For that it may costs you an extra 10-12% of the total amount. It can also act as your backup plan if the theme you bought doesn’t work for your website. When you are getting access to all the premium themes at such a meager price, it’s not a bad deal at all. 

Myth #6 – Theme Updates Will take Care of All Your Theme Issues

If you have opted for a theme which was launched recently and it doesn’t work properly, waiting for a theme update is pointless. If your theme is not working the way you supposed it to, it’s better that you look for an alternative. In spite of long comments and suggestions in the user community forums, it’s less likely that you would get an update soon. The developers of the themes create these themes with some motive and usage in their mind so a quick change is not going to happen. In case your theme isn’t working for you, you should consider other options. 

Myth #7 – SEO Is Not a Concern 

Developers are constantly working towards the improvement of search engine traffic but till now, Most WordPress themes don’t have in-built advanced level SEO optimization options. At most they provide options for all Meta tags. But none of the WordPress themes can replace something like the WordPress SEO plugin. So, apart from other features that you consider for buying your WordPress theme, you should also look at what kind of SEO features the theme has. 

In your hunt for the best theme for your WordPress site, don’t forget to consider the above points and then take a decision accordingly. As a thumb rule follow the leaders and buy themes from theme marketplaces like Themeforest. In all these marketplaces there are thousands of WordPress developers competing with each other on offering the best possible theme at the lowest price possible to remain competitive. And as a user you couldn’t ask for more. 

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Mr. Maulik Shah is the founder & CEO of Biztech IT Consultancy Pvt Ltd., one of the leading web design and Development Companies in India. He also runs Biztech Blog, where he shares insights from the world of ecommerce and other web based technologies.

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