7 Smart Ways to Attract More Mobile Traffic

There are enough mobile phones currently in use to outfit more than 87 percent of the world’s population with their own device. While some people have multiple phones (leaving a larger percentage of people tech-less), that just further highlights our passion for and dependence on mobile connectivity. Our businesses depend on it, too, which is why you’ll want to pay very close attention to these 7 tips that’ll help you attract the mobile traffic you need to succeed.
Attract More Mobile Traffic

Smart Ways to Attract More Mobile Traffic:

1. Optimize for Local Search
More than half of mobile searches now have local intent. By dotting your content with location-rich keywords such as city and street names and zip codes, you’re increasing the likelihood that your listing will end up at the top of the SEO heap.
Attract More Mobile Traffic

2. Write Better Headlines
Writing a great headline is an art form, and it’s harder than it looks. The experts at CoSchedule have built a headline analyzer that rates your entry based its structure, grammar, and overall readability. You only have a few seconds to grab someone’s attention before they scroll past your Facebook posting or search listing – make those seconds count.
Attract More Mobile Traffic

3. Say it With Video
Over the last four years, mobile video has been steadily rising for single digits to account for almost half of all digital videos played in 2015, and 82 percent of Twitter users watch videos – 90 percent of the on their mobile devices. If you want to get people interested enough in your brand to click through to your site, mix up your messaging and work in some videos.
Attract More Mobile Traffic

4. Get in Tight with Industry Influencers
Thanks to social media, the leading lights in internet marketing are only a quick tweet away. Reach out to the people who inspire you (and your audience) and ask for an interview, comment on their recent article, or just strike up a conversation. By building a genuine rapport, you’re increasing the likelihood that these industry influencers will want to share your site because they’ve grown attached to what’s behind it – you.

5. Turn to Text
A whopping 97 percent of Americans use their smartphone to text at least once every day. Get them on your SMS list and you can deliver details about your app launch, your website revamp, or your new product line straight into consumer’s hands. Partner with a company like Textpedite, and you’ll have access to everything from mobile keywords to auto-responder technology that delivers top-notch customer service in a way that is both effective and efficient.

6. Don’t Underestimate Social Media Marketing
The potential of social media to boost business growth is practically limitless, and with more and more social media users signing on via their mobile devices – some 189 million Facebook users have already gone “mobile only” – it’s more important than ever to target ads to local users, link to mobile-friendly sites, and concentrate on a cohesive mobile strategy instead of tiring out customers with pointless meme sand retweets.
Attract More Mobile Traffic

7. Connect Your “Real World” Store to Your Online Community
Many brands separate their online and real world marketing plans, but that’s a major mistake. Some 84 percent of smartphone shoppers say they use their mobile phones to research a brand while they’re in that brand’s brick-and-mortar store. Help them find the information you feel is most important by using QR codes on in-store displays to send shoppers to positive customer reviews, price comparisons, consumer reports, and other relevant data.
Attract More Mobile Traffic

As a society, we seem to be unable to get through the day without our mobile phones; as businesses, our destinies are irrevocably tied to people behind those exact same devices. Invest in your own success by tapping into the mobile marketing movement and you’re bound to like your ROI.

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