SEO Updates 2016 – Avoid Google Downranking With These Tips

SEO is an ever-changing world. It has gone through a drastic change in the past 3 years. Each year brings new changes and challenges for the webmasters. And 2016 is no exception. With Google latest updates, it's high time to deviate your focus on what is more important for your visitors than your business.
Also, it has made it difficult for the webmasters to maintain their top positions unless they understand the needs of their visitors and keep a top focus with a greater eye on helpfulness, context and intent. 
SEO Updates 2016
Now, since 2016 is approaching, you should know about the pitfalls that can cause Google downranking for your business. 

1. Anchor texts
Getting natural links pointing to your website is a great way to improve search engine rankings of your website. On the other hand, having manipulative and unnatural links can bring down your site's rankings in no time. Search engines like Google don't want website owners to manipulate search engine results by building unnatural links. Using exact match anchor texts can violate Google Penguin algorithm and thus, hinder the positive results. As a website owner, you need to avoid using exact match anchor texts to a particular site. 

2. User-friendly mobile websites
The evolution of different devices in the past decade has made it quite necessary for the website owners to launch mobile-friendly websites. A website receives nearly 45% of the traffic from mobile. The latest Google updates have made it clear to the webmaster that unfriendly mobile websites have lower chances of getting ranked higher in the Google search results. The mobile-friendly website is one of the Google top's SEO ranking factors. This means that mobile friendly websites perform better. It has become quite necessary for the webmasters to optimize their websites for mobiles and other types of devices. 

3. Targeting specific pages
A good “link profile” can improve your search engine rankings in 2016 since it's a better approach to target the website on a whole instead of targeting specific pages. According to many SEO experts, a link profile is the most significant Google ranking factors. The two major qualities of a good link profile – no spammy backlinks, and high quality, high DA, and high authority backlinks. 

4. Poor user experience
As a matter of fact, Google sees what web users see, and if it is poor or bad user experience, be prepared to face impact on your rankings. User experience has been one of the most important factors to determine a site's search engine rankings. Google has made it clear to the webmasters that it is paying close attention to the user experience. It has even made changes in the algorithm to make it a priority. It wants webmasters to worry more about their readers than their business, which does make sense since the content is the key to online success. Moreover, you need to optimize your landing pages for the users to drive constant traffic to your website. 

5. No quality content
Content has been, is and will be an important factor for search engine rankings. Unique and interactive content is the only best way to achieve the desired rankings in the search engines. However, just creating content isn't going to solve the purpose. There are thousands, if not millions, of websites available that are generating content on the same subject matter. How do you suppose to stand out in this ever-increasing competition? There is only one way – quality content. “Thin Content” is the latest Google panda update that clearly state that content with little or no added value will affect the overall ranking of a website. 
As a webmaster or SEO expert, you need to generate quality and useful content that web users enjoy and appreciate. Personal experiences work best. However, you can create generic article provided it has valuable information for your visitors. 

6. Interstitial ads
Interstitial ads are full-screen ads that usually cover up the whole user interface and prompt users to first install or perform a particular type of task before getting access to the website. Google has recently announced that it will start punishing sites that put interstitial ads. Since such ads are not only annoying for the users but also result in poor user experience. And Google hates websites that offer poor user experience. Using annoying ads is one sure-shot way of getting penalized and lower search engine rankings. 

7. Violating Link Building guidelines
Back in February, many SEO experts made comments that website owners should not do link building since it looks unnatural. However, Google made it clear afterwards that asking, selling or buying links is reasonable provided you follow Google Webmaster guidelines strictly. Therefore, it is advisable to check Google's rules before building any links. Also, you can change your approach of building links and check out latest tactics and strategies for effective link building. 

8. Reconsideration Requests
You may have faced one of Google's penalties back in the days. Well, you can make a reconsideration request to revoke the penalties and follow Google Webmaster Guidelines to removes all the errors found in your website. A reconsideration request allows you to contact Google again to review your website after fixing all the problems identified for which your website was penalized. But if you again violate Google with the same problem, you may have difficulty in putting reconsideration requests in the future. 

9. Bounce Rate
Bounce rate plays a significant role in determining your search engine rankings. Bounce rate basically depicts how user-friendly your website is. Higher bounce rate means poor user experience or low-quality content; however, lower bounce rate indicates that your website is good enough for web users. Bounce Rate has become one of the most important parts of Google search engine ranking factors. In order to avoid lower rankings, it is always a bright idea to keep bounce rate as low as possible. 

Google updates are here to deal with spams and black hat SEO. In order to keep up, it is important you keep a close eye on Google updates. 

The bottom line is, never disappoint Google if you want to stay in the game. 

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