What are the Best Tablets to Buy - Top 5 Expert Reviews of Tablets

In the present, millions of people around the world are big fans of using tablets. Considered as the ultimate source of entertainment, we can understand why men and women of all ages want a tablet to watch movies, play games or run various applications. The market is filled with a wide array of tablet models, all designed to become your best friend. Still, how can you find the most efficient tablet? Reading a few of the best tablets reviews will definitely help you to find a great product. Who doesn’t love having in their lives a pro and advanced tablet?

What are the Best Tablets to Buy?

Do you feel it, the tablet mania that swept the country? Of course you do, since you are currently trying to find a tablet, suited to your personality and daily media needs. The market is packed with a wide array of tablet models, created to provide an enhanced multimedia experience, no matter where people take them. Well, if you are a businessman or a fan of good quality media experiences, then finding an advanced tablet represents a solid investment in your daily entertainment sources. How to find the best tablet? Answering this question may be pretty hard to tackle if you don’t first consult a professional buying guide. With a better understanding on what makes a tablet tick, you will be able to set aside products that simply don’t deserve your attention and find the one suited to become your future media assistant.

Reviews of Tablets - Tablets Compared :

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Apple iPad
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Dell Venue
8 Pro
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Galaxy Tab 3
$$$8 GB8 hB+Amazon
Kindle Fire HD7
$$$$16 GB11 hB+Amazon
There are many options on the market, but the first one should be the highly popular iPad, a tablet that needs no introduction. This particular tablet model delivers heightened overall performance, brilliant entertainment sources and a breathe-taking access to a huge number of applications, games, music and videos. All your favorite content will be there, at your disposition 24/7. Still, due to the high price of this Apple wonder, a lot of people are trying to identify another model, cheaper but also packing a lot of media heat. So, let us guide you through some of the present best tablets, by learning more about their features and capacity to redefine your entertainment experience. Let’s give a solid and reliable answer to the question: how to find the best tablet?
What to look for when buying a tablet :
There are many things that you need to take into account before purchasing a tablet, but the first step is determining what you are going to use it for. Are you trying to slim down your personal computer, by replacing it with a top technological tablet? Are you attempting to enhance your cinematic skills when you travel? These are valid questions which significantly reduce the search area. There are tablets that come with business in mind, others with fun and some designed to mix things up. Another aspect that you need to consider before buying a tablet is price. Starting with cheap tablets and ending with pricey models, you will be able to find a model suited to your budget. One of the most affordable tablets, currently available on the market that is loved by millions of people around the world is Kindle Fire from Amazon. This particular device has a welcoming price of $500 but with an incredible performance rate, interesting applications support, user friendly interface and also an elegant design.
In the case of tablets, let’s just say the manufacture’s stamp of production is very important. You have to be careful while choosing a tablet from the market’s offer. Try to limit your searches to Apple, Kindle, Samsung and Asus products, products, known for their solid design and fluid functionality. With millions of satisfied users around the world it’s pretty hard to dismiss certain models. One last thing: give your interest to find Android tablets because they are known to maintain a fluid interaction between user and product. Use with confidence a professional tablet that will help you to enjoy all that the internet has to offer, anytime anywhere!

Kindle Fire HDX 8.9” Tablet:
If you want to get yourself or others a tablet then you should give the Kindle Fire HDX a try because it has some top capabilities which you can really put to good use. It is called the HDX tablet because the display has more than a simple HD resolution which allows you to watch movies with superior quality pictures. The most innovative feature it has is the magnesium unibody with blend of glass and nylon, that combined make the display 34% lighter than other Kindle Fire tablets. The 2.2 GHz quad-core processor and the 2GB of RAM load websites or start up applications in a flash. Playing games on it is also possible without the display freezing. Don’t think the battery will let you down because it can work for up to 18 hours on a full charge.
“I couldn’t buy a better tablet for this price and after I have used it for some months I can declare I am very pleased with the way it functions. I don’t wait a long time for a page to load and this can only mean the processor is doing a proper job. I connect it also very easy to wireless sources and streaming videos is done very fast.” – Mark Johnson
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Apple iPad Air MD788LL/A:
The best tablets reviews have been very positive in describing the features of the Apple iPad MD788LL/A. Being equipped with a M7 motion co processor and an A7 chip of 64-bits will ensure that everything will run smoothly and you will be able to enjoy any application without framing problems. Also you will have access to a 16 GB of memory space where you can save all the files that are important to you. If you decide to buy it you will also get to use the 5MP iSight camera with Full HD recording capabilities and a battery that will last you close to 10 hours.
“I have made a great choice for a tablet through the iPad MD788LL/A which is the one me and my family use at home for different purposes. Even my little daughter has learned how to play with it, because it is very simple to operate. Apple lived up to its expectations with this high performance tablet.” – Chris Lamb
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Blackberry Playbook 7 inch tablet, 32 GB:
Today tablet mania managed to sweep the nation, enriching people’s link to portable fun and joyful entertainment. So, it comes as no particular surprise to see so many people, of all ages, search for great tablets. According to the present best tablets reviews, written by specialists and satisfied users, it seems you can opt hands down for Blackberry Playbook 7 inch, a model that includes the force of 1 GHz dual-core. The device has a roomy 32 GB memory where you can place movies, TV shows, games and applications. It has an impressive 7 inch multi-touch LCD screen which delivers 1024 x 600 pixel resolutions. Furthermore the tablet weighs only 15 ounces, making it very easy to take around.
“Ever since I started to use Playbook my life changed completely. Why? Well, it is pretty obvious: this tablet is absolutely brilliant, delivering a great entertainment source anywhere I go. Everyone is so jealous and wants to browse around my favorite applications. So, if you want something special, use this tablet head on.” – Charlotte Porter
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Dell Venue 8 Pro Tablet:

The best present you can buy for someone or for yourself when it comes for tablets is the Dell Venue 8. Just by looking at its excellent features you can understand why it is considered such a reliable tablet. First of all the Intel Atom Z3740D processor fitted with a 1.8GHz Quad-Core will ensure that it will respond lightning fast to your every command and the display won’t ever freeze. Its operating system is the award winning Windows 8 which runs smooth and is very easy to use. A fast respond time to your commands is also guaranteed by the 2 GB RAM memory which is among the best you can find on a tablet. The 8 inch display will let you view everything you watch in HD with crystal clear images. It is also fitted with a front and a rear camera which you can use to take pictures or to Skype with someone.
“My boyfriend got me the perfect gift through this tablet which I have wanted for some time now. I was so happy to finally get it out of the box and explore its features and for me it is even better than people describe it to be. So far it has worked like a charm, making me love my boyfriend even more for getting it for me.” – Jessica Walter
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Samsung Galaxy Tab 3:
Every person wants to have tablet, designed to enhance the daily media life irrespective of its location. According to the present best Samsung tablets reviews it seems that a growing number of people use Samsung Galaxy Tab 3. This model runs on the powerful Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean operating system which keeps the whole process smooth and clean. The tablet features 1.2 GHz dual-core processor that means you won’t have to deal with lag or problems. It comes with 8 GB flash memory where you can store movies, games or top applications. Furthermore the tablet includes a solid 3MP rear-facing and also a precise 1.3 MP front-facing camera for video calls with friends.
“I don’t have to tell you that the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 si a top tablet and that it has everything you could possibly want from one. Investing in it was an excellent idea from my part and I recommend to you to do like me and get this tablet.” Mark Jones
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Asus Nexus 7:
Are you searching for a professional and high quality tablet? Well, if you are then you should use without reservations Asus Nexus 7” tablet from Google. Thin, light and easy to use, the tablet combines with efficiency power and efficiency, thus maintaining a subtle media experience. On the 7 inch display of the device, you will be able to see everything you want in high definition. Entertainment will be heightened once you use this advanced tablet. Weighing in only 0.64 lbs, the tablet is easy to take around with you anywhere. You will be able to enjoy 9 hours of HD video playback or 10 hours of web browsing.
“I find this simple 7 inch screen tablet from Asus to be a excellent device, which has an excellent battery life and some other very intresting features. Another surprising thing to me was that it weighed almost nothing when I first picked it up.” Anthony Stevens
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Asus ME173X-A1-BL:
Once you read some of the latest best tablets reviews, you will understand why thousands of people use without reservation Asus ME173X-A1-BL. Designed with Asus technical expertise, this model comes with an impressive 7 inch display where you can see movies, documentaries, TV-shows and games in high definition. Packing a lot of power, the tablet delivers incredible lighting brightness and contrast, due to 1280 x 800 resolutions around 216 pixels per inch. The tablet comes with HD IPS display and also 170 degree wide viewing angles, letting texts look sharp and vivid colours. It is equipped with a solid quad-core processor and a 10-point multi-touch panel.
“For me the Asus ME173X-A1-BL represents all that I want from a tablet and this is precisely why I bought it.  The touchscreen offers a very good quality image, very bright as well, making watching movies on it a very nice experience.” Steve Moore
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Kindle Fire 7:
Popularity and efficiency are the key words when it comes to describing Kindle tablets. Packing the latest technological developments, Kindle Fire 7” represents a great addition to any person that loves pure entertainment and great ways to have fun, irrespective of their location. Being one of the present top rated tablets, this model comes with 1280 x 800 HD display, completed with a polarizing filter and also anti-glare technology. It is also equipped with exclusive Dolby audio and powerful dual-driver stereo speakers. You will enjoy a complete audio experience, any moment of the day. Furthermore it features a powerful 1.2 GHz dual-core processor.
“The Kindle Fire 7 was a great choice for me, because it had a very affordable price and at the same time it had some top features. The dual-core processor makes it work nice and smooth and the 7 inch screen displays everything in a very nice manner.” Michael Horner
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Matricom Tab Nero:
It’s important to have in your home a professional and efficient tablet, designed to enhance your media life. Choosing the right model will significantly increase your entertainment senses. Today, according to the present statistics it seems that a growing number of men and women use Matricom Tab Nero tablet. This model features a powerful 1.2 GHz processor that enables you to play games, run various applications with ease. The model comes with dual cameras that permit you to video talk to friends and family without any problems whatsoever. On the 7 inch display and 1024 x 600 resolution you will be able to see movies and TV-shows with greater clarity and vibrant colours.
“I must recommend this tablet because it is very cheap and very reliable at the same time. A feature which I like about it is its dual cameras which allow me to even Skype with my friends from it. The movies I watch on it look very good, plus the sound is of good quality and volume as well.” Nick Emery
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