How to Choose a Good Domain Name

In past few years World Wide Web has expanded and made its reach beyond the thoughts of people. Be it grocery purchase or hiring a plane, be it the medicines or atomic bomb; anything and everything has made its place over internet. Simultaneously with this increasing trend the online world has several people landing to either expand their business or to their name (being a personal website) or to earn by making one or another website. 
But question is what makes some of them flourish while the rest fail to or lag behind, in spite of posting the same quality of content or goods or service? I have the answer to this and it’s the minute mistake which is basically a result of a massive negligence. I won’t play more with words and will come directly to my point; I’m here talking about “Domain Name”. 

Might sound a bit strange but this plays a vital role, while opening a physical store you may go with any creative name but while opening an online store of personal space, you need to be smart and creative in various ways. Let us have a look at some factors that should be kept in mind while choosing a Domain name.

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How to Choose a Good Domain Name:

  • Keep it Short: This is the first thing that I will highlight while talking upon this topic. There is no need to involve entire saga inside your domain name, people neither will remember and nor will be interested to read it. Let’s be practical, who would like to read series of words without any space in between. So while selecting a Domain name, be sure it’s short.
  • Build it Unique: It has been noticed in recent times that people tend to create websites with domain a name resembling to some popular website. It could be anything from ‘basebook’ to ‘flapdeal’. The words might sound totally irrelevant and to an extent hilarious but there’s one more thing that such domain names shower, and its ‘Hilariously loosing the essence. You might manage to get hits over your website for a while but the potential clients won’t stick for long time with you, as it lacks the touch of ‘its own feeling. So make sure that you do not choose a domain name resembling (in any way to any popular website).
  • Meaning: I could have included the point in the first one but would have failed to narrate the true essence in that case. A little before I said ‘Keep it Short’ it doesn’t means make it by taking any two or three alphabets. It should be catchy and must have a meaning/reason behind. 
  • “.COM”: While choosing a Domain, always remember “.COM” is the most popular domain name. Try to have this if your product or service isn’t confined to any particular nation like, .in for India, for United Kingdom etc. So play a little with your imagination if you fail to find the domain with dot com for the exact name, but try to have one.
  • Think like a buyer, use keywords: Usually people would go on search engine and will type the product or service in a specific way to search for their query. If you fail to get the domain name with exact business name, try using keywords. It might help you to grow faster by improving your rank on search engines.
  • Must be easy: I’ll share an example for this one; consider me as a courier service provider with the name express couriers. I failed to have the domain name, what shall I do? Go for ‘’ ‘’ etc etc. No I would try to search for the domain name ‘’. This one is not just easy but also short and easy to remember and also keeps the name of my company.  Apart from this the name in considerably easier to type and this will in turn make it easy for by ‘potential buyers’ to keep in touch with me.
  • Mirror the reality: Your domain name is your impression which reaches your buyers before your product or service. So make sure that the domain name you chose keeps the link with the product or service your website is created for. Some of the very good examples that we have, includes, AuoTrader, Naukri, snapdeal etc. This won’t just reflect the nature of your website but will also keep the domain simple and easy to remember.
  • Legal infringement: Make sure that the domain name you have selected isn’t already registered by some other firm or individual. Though possibility of this is very rare but still on safe hand getting things confirmed by visiting is a better idea. As they say ‘precaution is better than cure’.
  • Do not use Hyphens and Numbers: Never ever let Hyphens and numbers become a part of your domain name. They might look cool or add to your convenience but reality is that they have the highest probability of confusing and misleading your visitors. 
  • Do not mislead: Last but not the least is being sure that your domain name isn’t misleading your visitors. Using a shopping name for a normal website or vice-versa isn’t a good deal. You might get people for a while but on long term you’ll be nowhere in the global online store.

I hope the points above will help you in finding the best domain for your website.

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