How to Get GoDaddy Hosting at $15/Year - 86% OFF!

If you want huge discount on GoDaddy web hosting then this post is for you. In this post I am going to give you GoDaddy's most awesome discount coupon for your website. With this coupon you can save more then 86% of your hosting money.Just follow my tutorial step by step to get this promo coupon.
GoDaddy Hosting Promo Coupon

How to Get 86% OFF GoDaddy Hosting Coupon:

You need to complete these steps to get this discount. This coupon is available for everyone.
Another thing, You need to know what will you get free with your new web hosting account.
Free Domain name
- $100 Google AdWords Credit
- $100 Bing Ads Credit
- $50 Facebook Ad Credit
- $10 Fotolia Photo Credit
Total $260 credit for promoting your new website!

Step 1 : Visit GoDaddy Discount Page:
You won't find any coupon in GoDaddy's home page.If you visit their home page you will see their original hosting price.To get promo coupon you need to visit their discount page. Here is 85% Off GoDaddy Coupon page. Click the button below to go there.

After Visiting their discount page you will see their offers. This company has 3 web hosting plans.Economy,Deluxe and Ultimate. Think which plan do you need for your website. If you want to make a simple blog or website then Economy plan is ok but If you are thinking to make something big then try Deluxe or Ultimate. You can see in this page that how much you can save with my discount coupon.
GoDaddy Hosting Promo Coupon

Before choosing your plan you should know,Why you should start your website with GoDaddy. Here is The reasons:
- This company is the number #1 web hosting provider.
- Their Control Panel is really so easy to use.
- Your website will never be down or crushed.
- Hardcore security.
- 24/7 support for customers.
- Most important thing 12 million peoples are using their service and they are totally satisfied  for their awesome service.

Now choose your hosting package and click on it.

Step 2: Pick a Domain Name
After selecting your hosting package they you ask you to pick a domain name for your website. Enter your domain name there and This Domain is totally FREE for you.
GoDaddy Hosting Promo Coupon
If your domain name is not available then try to pick another name and If it available then click on "Add & Continue" button.

Step 3: Checkout
You can see review of your hosing order in next page. Here you can also see how much you are saving. Click on "Processed to Checkout" button from right sidebar.
GoDaddy Hosting Promo Coupon

Create a GoDaddy account by selecting New Customer option.Enter your full Billing Information, Account Information and Payment Information .
Now you need to pay them for your cheap web host. Enter your payment Information and click on "Continue"button to pay them. 

How much you can save from this 86% OFF GoDaddy Hosting Coupon:

You can save lot of money with it.Check it out.
Economy Hosting:
Original Price: $6.99/month = $84/year + Vat
With my Coupon: $1/month = $12/year + Vat
Total Saving: $72!!

Deluxe Hosting:
Original Price: $8.99/month = $108/year + Vat
With my Coupon: $5.99/month = $71/year + Vat
Total Saving: $37!!

Ultimate Hosting:
Original Price: $14.99/month = $180/year + Vat
With my Coupon: $7.99/month = $95/year + Vat
Total Saving: $85!!

Lot of saving! + Free Domain + $260 advertising credit
Don't miss this coupon. Feel Free to share this coupon with your friends.

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