How to Add Slideshow in Wordpress Post

You want to add slideshow in wordpress blog? It's so simple,you just need to follow my this tutorial step by step to do this.Let's get started.
Slideshow in Wordpress

Add Slideshow in Wordpress

First thing you need to do is downloading the wordpress slideshow plugin. After accessing you wordpress Dashboard click on Plugins > Add New from sidebar of your panel.
Slideshow in Wordpress
After coming next page write "ShowTime SlideShow" in searchbox then click on search button. Install this plugin in your site then activate it.This is best and simple plugin for slideshow and it also works in all type of devices.

The next think you need to add short code in your post or page where you want to show your slide images. For this you need to select HTML format while you edit your post. then write [showtime] in your post.
Slideshow in Wordpress

Then go back to Visual format and upload your all images by clicking on upload image button.

Slideshow in Wordpress

After uploading all images you won't need to do anything about their setting even you won't need to Save all changes button.Upload all then close the box and Publish your post.
You will see your slideshow in your new post..

Now click on Media > ShowTime SlideShow from left side of your control panel to change settings.

If you face in any problem feel fee to contact with me.. :)

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