Buy GoDaddy Cheap Domain at $1.49 Only!

GoDaddy is one of the most popular Domain Company in this world. I also got my domain from GoDaddy because They are doing great in this business and I am really happy for their 24/7 support system. One of my old post I write about how to buy cheap .com domain from GoDaddy. You can buy your domain name from at $5 with that post.
In my this post I am going to give you a great discount coupon. With this coupon you can buy domain from GoDaddy only at $1.49!!

GoDaddy Cheap Domain Coupon:

This is a limited offer coupon from GoDaddy.
You can buy Domain at $1.49+Vat with Coupon.
15-Sep-2014 to 5-Nov-2014

How to buy cheap domain from GoDaddy:

This tutorial will help you to get your domain name at cheap rate. You just need to follow my tutorial step by step to save your $13 .

Step-1: Get That Coupon
First you need to go to their Discount page to grab this coupon. Click the button below to do your first step.
 DoDaddy $1.49 Domain

Step-2: Search Your Domain
After clicking on that button you will see their Discount page like this:
GoDaddy Cheap Domain
Enter your Domain name in search box and hit Search button. 

Step-3:Add Domain
If your domain name is available then you will see a congratulation dialog box. Click on Add nutton from side of your domain name then Click on Add to Cart button.
GoDaddy Cheap Domain
Step-4: Select 1 Year
This offer is only for 1 year domain name. Select 1 Year from your next cart page. Don't worry you can  renew your Domain in Next year and I will give you renewal coupon. After selecting one year from Term click on Proceed to Checkout button.
GoDaddy Cheap Domain
Step-5: Create an Account
After clicking on Proceed to Checkout button you will see their login page. If you have already a GoDaddy Account then login in your account and If you don't have then click on Continue button.
GoDaddy Cheap Domain

Step-6: Information
After clicking on Continue button you need to give your Billing and Account Information to GoDaddy to create your new GoDaddy account. Fill up all text box with your correct information.

Step-6: Payment Info

You need to give your payment information below Account Information to buy your Domain name. Enter your card's information in there then click on Continue button to pay GoDaddy for Domain.
GoDaddy Cheap Domain

Step-6: Check Email

After paying them check your email address for their congratulation email.After receiving  their email Login to your GoDaddy Account to control your Domain.

Thank You. :)

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