How to make website with uCoz Free Website Creator

uCoz is one of the most popular free website creator. They are offering this service to everyone. They have eight years experience in this business. There are 1,200,000 active websites hosted in uCoz. If you create a free website with this builder, your website will be 99.9% uptime. You can make all kind of website like blog,forum,portfolio website,online store,company website and other kind of websites with this uCoz free website builder.
uCoz Free Website Creator

Features of uCoz Free Website Creator :

They have lot of cool features in their service like these:

How to create website with uCoz Free Website Creator :

Making a free website with uCoz is not so hard. You can create website without knowing any programming language. Follow my tutorial step by step to create your First website.

Step 1 : Create an Account
First visit to uCoz official website and create an account there. Creating an account in uCoz is so easy like other websites. After creating an account you will get verification email from them. verify your account.

uCoz Free Website Creator

After visiting uCoz official website you will see "Get Started !" button there. Click on it to create your account.
After successfully creating an account in uCoz ,Login your account. Then you will see a simple page like this.
uCoz Free Website Creator
Step 2 : Create a Website
To create your first website, look bottom left-hand corner , You will see a blue button there. click on it then you will see some menus there.  Click on  "Websites > Create a website" menu. Then you will see a dialog box on your screen.
uCoz Free Website Creator
Enter your website's name and Security code there,Agree with their Terms then click on "Continue" button.

After successfully creating your website go to your control panel by clicking on "Website Control Panel" button.

Step 3 : Name and Design
Enter your website's name and Select a perfect Design for your website from Next step. I told you before they have more then 250 awesome design for all kind of website.
uCoz Free Website Creator
Step 4 : Modules
uCoz has lot of cool modules. After entering your name and design they will ask you to select modules for your website. Think which are suitable for your website and select them.
uCoz Free Website Creator
Step 5 : Control Panel
After selecting modules for your website,They will take you to your control panel. You can enter content,image,files,pages etc from here. I told you they will give you full control of your website if you create free website with them. You can change design,screen from here.

This video will help you to know you,How to use uCoz Control panel:

uCoz Free Website Creator

If you need any help you can contact with me. I will help you to create your first website.

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