How to Make a WiKi Site with Free Software

Many webmasters want to make a wiki site like Wikipedia but most of them don't know how to make a wiki site . They think making a wiki website is really hard but Today I am telling you good news that Making a Wikipedia liked website is not hard anymore. Anyone can make this kind of website without knowing any web programming language..!
You don't need to hire any coder or expert for this work.If you are new in web development work or don't know how to develop a website then don't worry because in this post I am going to show you How to Make a WiKi Website  step by step.
how to make a wiki

How to Make a WiKi Website Step by Step :

Before staring I am telling you what do you need to build a wiki site.
You need mainly three things for this work - Domain,Hosting and Free WiKi Software.

Step - 1 : Domain and Hosting
Domain and Hosting are most important things to start any website. You can't start any website without them. There are lot of companies provide Domain and Hosting but most of them are not good in this business. 
How to Make a WiKi
If you don't have Domain and Hosing for your wiki site then I recommend you to buy Hosting from Fatcow. You will also get a Free Domain Name for your wiki website with their Hosting.

Read : How to Buy Web Hosting From Hostgator

Step - 2 : Create a Database
In next step you need to create a Database from your Hostgator cPanel. For this login in to your Hosting cPanel then click on MySQL Databases icon from Databases menu.
Here is full details about how to do this : How to create MySQL Database

Step - 3 : Download Opensource
After creating your MySQL database successfully ,You need to download free wiki opensource software. It's name MediaWiKi. It is totally free for everyone and It will let you make your own wiki website. 
How to Make a WiKi

Download Latest Version of Mediawiki software from here : Download Mediawiki

Step - 4 : Extract & Upload
After Download opensource software extract it in your computer then Upload all files in that downloaded folder to your web server via Filezilla. 
FileZilla is the most popular FTP software which is created to upload website in hosting server.
If you don't know how to upload then you can learn this step by step from here : How to upload website with FileZilla .

Step - 5 : Install
Installing website is one of the main part of creating a wiki site. After uploading software successfully in your hosting you need to install . Installing wiki software is really so easy.
First enter your website then you will see a page like this. 
Click on "Set Up The Wiki" button.
how to make a wiki

Then you will see a form page. You need to enter your MySQL information (Step - 2) in this page. After entering your MySQL information click on "Continue" button.

how to make a wiki

After clicking on "Continue" button you will see a congratulation message on your screen. It will be like this : "Congratulation! You have successfully installed Mediawiki" :) 

Step - 6 : LocalSettings.php
Now you need to access your public_html folder with FileZilla again to move LocalSettings.php file from the config directory to the root directory of your wiki site.

Step - 7 : Done!
Now your wiki site is totally ready for writing wiki. It's really hard to control a wiki website for one person so tell your friends about your website and make a group to control it and start promoting of your wiki website.
Thank you .

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