How to Start a Website With $1 Only

Yes! You can start a website with $1 only. If you are thinking to start a new website and don't want to spend too much money in first year then this post is for you. In this post I am going to show you how to start a website by spending $1 only.

What do you need to start a Website

To make a website you need three things. You can't start any kinds of website without them.
1. Domain Name
2. Web Hosting
3. Website Builder  ( I suggest you to use Wordpress )

There are lot of Domain and Web Hosting company. If you really want to spend only $1 then you need to buy your web hosting and domain from 1and1 Webhosting Company with discount coupon.

I have their discount coupon .You can buy web hosting from them only at $0.99 for one year with this coupon code. And If you order web hosting from them for one year,You will get a free Domain Name !

1and1 user's rate :
100GB Webspace
Unlimited Bandwidth
30day money back guarantee
24/7 Customer Support
Click & Build Applications (over 144 Apps)

How to Start a Website - Cheap Web Hosting with Free Domain

In this step I will tell you how to buy cheap web hosting and how to get a free domain name with it.

1. Visit 1and1 Webhosting Company's Discount Page.

[ I have generated coupon code with this link ]

2. After visiting their Discount Page Click on Signup button under Basic Menu. I think Basic Plan is the best for starting a new website. If you want to make your site bigger you can upgrade your plan later.

3. In next page enter your domain name. It will be free for you! After entering a available domain name click on "Continue" button from right side.

4. If your domain name is available you will see a message like this "Good news, your domain name is available!" Click on "Continue" button again.

5. Skip More Domain selecting page by clicking on "No Thanks,Continue without selection " button.

6. Skip their other offer by clicking on "No Thanks" button. If you like their and want to spend more money you can add them in your cart.

7. When they will show your cart,You will see your total cost is $0.99 only. Click on "Checkout" button.
Enter your customer details , information and address then enter your web hosting password.

8. You can pay them via credit card or paypal account. Select your payment method and pay them for your cheap web host.

How to Start a Website - Install Wordpress

Wordpress is a free website building tool. You can easily install wordpress to your 1and1 hosting server. After buying cheap web host from 1and1 you will receive email with your username , password and ftp info.

1. Login in your 1and1 web hosting cPanel with your username and password. Before installing wordpress in 1and1 server  be sure you are using PHP version 5 by clicking on "Global PHP Version" link under "Domain and Web Space" menu.

2. Then come back to your cPanel again and click on "MySQL Administration" link under "Domain and Web Space" menu. Click on "New Database" button and create a new MySQL database in your server.

4. Download and save the latest version of Wordpress from the Wordpress Official website. - Click Here to Download
After downloading Zip file , Right click on it and Click the Extract All Files button.

5. You will see a new Wordpress folder after extracting all files in your computer.

6. Rename this folder with your domain's name.

7. Upload this wordpress folder to the root of your webserver via FTP.
Read - How to Upload files with FileZilla

8. Now you need to change the destination of your domain.
Read - How to Change Destination

9. After changing that enter your website url. You will see wordpress configuration page there. Click on "Create a Configuration File" button.

10. Select "Let's go!" button in next page enter your MySQL's database name,username,password and data host then click on "Submit" button.

11. If your database information is correct , Click the "Run the install" button to continue.

12. Enter your website's Site Title, Username, Password and Your E-mail address in next page.

13. Then your site will be ready. You can login to your website's admin panel with your admin username and password.

You can also install wordpress with one click install method. Here is how to do that.

You can make all kinds of website using wordpress.
Here is some tutorials for you - Make All kinds of website with Wordpress

So.. You have learned how to make a website with $1 only.. If you want to spend another $1 then you can send me that for writing this tutorial for you ;)

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