How to do Cheap United States Domain Name Registration from GoDaddy

How to buy cheap us domain name :

If you want to run a online business in united states then buying a .us domain name for your business website will be the best.This .us domain was established as a top domain for United States in 1985. If you are a citizen of United States or have a organization in United States or a foreign entity with a presence in the United States then you can apply for this Domain name.
In this post I am going to show you how to easily buy a us domain name from GoDaddy at cheap price.
us domain name

Why should you buy us domain name:

Cheap United States Domain Name Registration :

If you visit GoDaddy official website you will see the regular .us domain name price is $19.99 . If you follow my tutorial step by step then you can buy a .us domain name at $3.99 only. This tutorial can save your $16 for your domain name.

Step 1 : Coupon Code
You can't but cheap domain name without coupon / promo code.I have generated GoDaddy coupon code for .us domain name with my discount link. 
First visit to their .us domain discount page: Click Here to Visit

After clicking on visit link you will see a discount page like this.

Step 2 : Enter Domain
Enter your business related domain name in discount page then click on "GO" button. If your domain name is available for registration then you will be sent to next page. Click on "Continue to Cart" button.

Step 3 : Hosting Offer
In next page GoDaddy will show you their Hosting and Business listing offer.If you don't have a web hosting account then you can buy web hosting from them. Their hosting service is really good or you can skip this by clicking on small "Continue to Cart" link.

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Step 4 : Sign Up
After clicking on "Continue to Cart" link you will see GoDaddy's sign uppage. If you are new in GoDaddy then enter your all information then click on "Submit" button .

Step 5 : Confirmation
After sign up you need to confirm about your citizenship and business in .us Eligibility Confirmation page and Click on "Continue to Checkout" button.

Step 6 : Review
Review your order again in next step. Select 1 Year from Term option for buy a .us domain at $3.99 only. Then click on "Proceed to Checkout" button. 

Step 7 : Information
Click on "Continue" button under New Customers text and enter your billing, account and payment information there. After entering all information click on "Continue" button and pay GoDaddy for their domain name.

Payment Options: 
You can pay GoDaddy via your cards and paypal account.

After paying GoDaddy you will receive a domain confirmation email in your inbox. You can see your all domain information in that email.

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