How to Buy Cheap Web Hosting from Fatcow

Fatcow is one of the largest and best web hosting and Domain name provider. Millions of websites hosted in Fatcow.  This is one of the best web hosting company.Fatcow was born in 1998. They have many web service like as website builder, eCommerce, Email service,domain registration , web hosting etc.

In this post I am going to show you, How to get 65% Discount on all Fatcow web hosting packages and It will save your lot of webhosting money.
You will also get a Free Top Domain name for your website.

Cheap Web Hosting from Fatcow

Follow all steps to get your cheap best web hosting from Fatcow.
Step – 1: Enter Discount Page
If you go their official website you will see, you need to pay $9.49/month for unlimited web hosting service but If you buy with their secret discount page you will see it’s only $3.15/month !
Go to their discount page – 

After entering their discount page click on Sign Up button.
Step – 2: Domain
After clicking on Sign Up button you will see Domain page. Check on Register a New Domain and Enter your domain name. This Domain is totally free for you.
Now go to next step.
Step – 3: Billing Information
Enter your Name,Email address,Phone number,Address in billing information . If you want to pay with card then enter your card information or You can use paypal to buy web hosting.
Step – 4: Disable Unnecessary Service
Disable unnecessary products like Domain Privacy , Site Protectors from your cart.
Step – 5: Check Out
Now check out your web hosting from Fatcow with your Card or Paypal account by  clicking on Check out button below.
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