How to Change Theme in Wordpress - Step by Step

If you want to make your Wordpress website professional then You must need to know how to change wordpress theme. You should select Theme related with your website's content. In this tutorial I will show you how to upload and install a theme in your website you have already downloaded.

Follow my tutorial step by step to change your wordpress theme.

How to Install New Themes in Wordpress -

First Download your Free or Paid theme. You will see a zip file. Don't unzip it. To change your theme you need to upload that zip theme file from your wordpress admin panel.

Step 1 - Admin Panel
Login to your Wordpress admin panel using your admin username and password. You can see Appearance menu on left bar. Click on Appearance > Themes menu.

Step 2 - Add New
In new page you can see your all installed themes there. To install new theme click on Install Themes > Add New tab.

Step 3 - Upload
If you already have a theme which unlisted in wordpress theme directory, You can easily upload your theme from Upload tab. To upload your new theme click on Upload button from top.

Step 4 - Choose File
After clicking on Upload tab you will see theme uploading page. Click on Choose File button to select your zip theme file from your harddisk then click on Install Now button.

Step 5 - Activate
It will take few seconds to upload and install your new Wordpress Theme. After successfully install you can see Activate button under successful theme installation message. Click on Activate button.

After that your new wordpress theme will be successfully install and activate in your wordpress. Enjoy your new theme.

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