How to Upload website with FileZilla


FileZilla is the most popular software to upload website to server. It is also the best way to upload files up to your website. You can download this software easily because FileZilla is free open source File Transfer Protocol for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

FileZilla FTP Download

If you don't know where to download then click here.
After download install it in your computer.

Upload website with FileZilla

1. Install and Open FileZilla software. Then click on Site Manager from File menu.

ftp server

2. Click on New Site button and enter your FTP account details provided by your web host. Then Connect
If you don't have web host then click here.

Filezilla free download

3. Once connected, you will see two panes in this software, The left one (1st image below) shows the files in your computer and the right one (2nd image below) shows the files in your web server. Using the right, browse to the folder to which you want to upload your website.

ftp software

online ftp software

4. You can select the files you want to upload from left pane and drag them over to the right pane. Filezilla will begin uploading the files to your web host.

free ftp sites

5. Done! After done uploading files, just click on the disconnect icon to close the connection with your hosting.
free ftp websites

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