How to Make Top Listing Website

Many of us are known about Top Listing website. Top listing website is a kind of website where the others bloggers and webmasters come and submit  their website’s title, description, banner, keyword for getting backlink because we all know backlink is the main weapon in Search Engine Optimization war. If you have top listing website those websites will also send traffic to your website.

By making Top listing website many webmasters were become very profitable and still now.

Now I am going to tell you how to make top listing website easily. 

1. Domain and Hosting
Buy a domain name for your top listing website from Namecheap and Buy webhost from Hostgator. Then connect your Namecheap domain with Your Hostgator webhost account.
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Use this promo code in Hostgator  to get 25% discount on Top list web site hosting.
Promo code "TopListing25off"

2. Download
Download Aardvark Topsites PH script from their official website.
Click here to Download
Download current version

Aardvark Topsites PH is a website making software/script which will allow you to create a Top Listing website easily and It's a totally free software.

3. Extract
After downloading current version extract it in your computer. You will see "atsphp" folder in there.

4. Database
Create a MySQL database and username with your Web Host cPanel.
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Enter the atsphp folder. You will see settings_sql.php file in there. Open this file with notepad.
Edit and Save it with your Database Host,Database Name,Database username and Database password.

5. Upload
Now upload all files from atsphp folder in your web server using FTP client FileZilla.
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6. Install
After transferring all files in your public_html directory visit in your browser and follow the instructions there.

7. Delete
Login your FileZilla again and delete the install directory when you are done installation.

8. Done!!
Now your Top Listing website is ready for visitors. If you have any question the comment below.
The URL to the admin area for your topsites list is .

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