How to Make Photo Gallery Website

Everybody wants to share photos and images on internet. Many people share their photos using Photobucket,Picasa,Flickr,Facebook and other photo sharing websites.
If you are a designer,developer,photographer or other artist then you need an online portfolio to display your works.
Photo gallery for websiteYou can make photo gallery website with blogger or wordpress but if you want to properly run an photo gallery for website then this time you need a specialized free website building tool.
Piwigo is one of the best CMS to make photography websites.

Follow my post step by step to create your web photo gallery.

How to make free photo gallery

1. Download
We will build photo gallery website with Piwigo so You need to download it first. 
Download from here - click here to download
You will need a password to download this file and your password is "".

2. Domain and Hosting
You can't make any website without Domain and Webhosting. I recommend you to buy your webhosting from Fatcow. because their server 99.9% uptime and you will get a Free Domain Name with their Hosting.
Here Is : How to Buy Fatcow Webhosting ( With Discount Coupon )

3. Database
Now you need to login your hosting cPanel again to create MySQL databse. 
Read - How to create MySQL Datebase

4. Upload Website
This is time to upload website to your web host. Unzip the downloaded file ( in your computer. You will see (Piwigo) folder in there. You need to upload all files of this folder in your webhost. I love to upload files in web server via FileZilla ftp software.
Read - How to upload website with FileZilla

After transferring all files in your public folder, go to your photo gallery web address with a web browser then you will see a message "Piwigo will detect nothing is installed yet."
You will automatically redirected to the installation page.

5. Install
Your website's installation page will be like this photo.

Select your website's language from here. Import your MySQL Host,MySQL username,MySQL password,Database name and prefix. (from Step 3)

In admin configuration enter which will be your admin panel's username,password,email address,

Then click on Start Installation button.

6. Done
After successfully install you will see this page.
Click on Visit the gallery button and start adding photos in your photo gallery website. Your admin panel's link will be

Comment below if you have any questions.

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