How to Make Online Gaming Website

It is very interesting to be a owner of a online gaming website. Many people wishes ,while they are playing online games in a online gaming website/arcade website that I wish,I have a online gaming website it would be very interesting.All my friends play there and I would be the admin. I would add there thousands of games.

Most of the people think that it is very difficult to make a online gaming website. Many coding have to be known to make it but it is very wrong concept. Anybody easily can make a online gaming website.No need to spend thousands dollars to make it.

It is also known as " Arcade website ".
Just follow my tutorial step by step and become a online gaming webmaster.

Free website builder

We will create a gaming website with a free website builder tool. It's name Yourarcadescript.

It is a totally free website building tool and really awesome. You must need to download it first.To download this click here.

File's password " ".

How to Install Youracradescript

1. Before Installing Youracrade to create your gaming website,You must need to buy your website's name and website's space. I recommend you to buy your webhosting from Fatcow. because their server 99.9% uptime and you will get a Free Domain Name with their Hosting.
Here Is : How to Buy Fatcow Webhosting ( With Discount Coupon )

3. After Download Your arcade script from here unzip it in your computer. You will see yas folder in there.

4. Upload all files from yas folder to your web hosting's public folder with FileZilla.
If you don't know how to upload then read this post -
How to upload website with FileZilla

5. After uploading all files in your website's server visit
Then you will see a page like this.
Import your MySQL host,MySQL database name,MySQL username and password in there. Then click on Next button.

Check this post to know How to create MySQL Database

6. Then you will see a new page . Enter your Online gaming website's Name,URL, Email, Slogan ,Meta in there. If you don't have Facebook and twitter apps then keep them blank. After entering information click on Install button.

7. Then you will see this message .That's mean you site is ready now open FileZilla login there and delete YAS251install.php file from your web host.

8. Now you need to login your admin panel to install games and advertisement. visit to login. First time your password will be "admin" you can change it from admin panel.

9. You will see your admin panel. First create an account in mochi media and submit your site there. Then add your mochi media id in your site and click get feed to install games to your site. You can submit thousands of games from there. Mochi will also pay you lot to submitting game in your site so I hate other game feeds.

Create an account in mochi - Click here

Now your site is ready for visitors..

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