How to Install Wordpress in Hostgator

How to Install Wordpress in HostgatorWordpress is the most popular CMS platform. You can easily make your site and easily control it with wordpress without knowing code. 46% webmasters use Wordpress to run their website.

You can make many kinds of website using Wordpress. In my past posts I told you about buying domain,hosting from hostgator and how to connect domain and hosting.

To make a website you must need a domain ,Hostgator hosting account and need to connect them.
If you don’t know how to do then follow my old posts –

Now I am going to show you how to install wordpress in your hostgator account step by steps.
Follow these Steps –

1. Hostgator cPanel
First login to your Hostgator cPanel. If you have connected your domain with hostgator then your cPanel link will be www.

Install Wordpress in Hostgator

2. QuickInstall
After login your Hostgator cPanel you will see QuickInstall tab in Software/Service category .Click on it.
Wordpress in Hostgator

3. Blog Software
Find Wordpress from side bar in Blog software category. After clicking on Wordpress you will see short description of  WordPress. Click on Continue button.

4. Install WordPress
Then you will see install wordpress form. Select your domain. Enter username ,email ,Website’s title ,First and Last name in form and click on Install Now! button.

Wordpress Hosting

5. Congratulation
Your installation is complete. You will see your admin panel’s link, username and password.

Quick Wordpress Hosting

6. Admin area
Now login in your wordpress admin area with admin username and password.

Quick Wordpress Hosting Tutorial

7. Dashboard
After login your wordpress dashboard will come front of you. Start posting and customizing your website.

wordpress dashboard

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