How to buy Web Hosting from Hostgator

Webhosting is very important to create a website. Webhosting is where your website’s data, image, video, files will be uploaded. Your site will not be shown to other internet users without hosted it in webhosting.
Hostgator is the best webhosting provider in internet. They sell web space at cheap rate. You can easily buy webhosting from them.

Follow these steps to buy hosting from them –

Ohh.. You need to buy domain first. Namecheap is the best place to buy domain.
You can follow this post to buy domain from Namecheap - How to buy domain name from Namecheap

Then follow these

1. HostgatorVisit their official website by clicking here.

How to buy Web Hosting from Hostgator

2. Webhosting Plans
After enter their official website you will see a “View Webhosting Plans” button. Click on it.

3. Select Your Plan
They mainly have three webhosting plans. Think which plan is best for you and your website and then click on “Order Now” button.
How to buy Web Hosting from Hostgator

4. Signup Page
After clicking on “Order Now” button Signup page will come.
How to buy Web Hosting from Hostgator

5. Enter a Domain
Click on “I already own this domain” .Then a text box will come bellow. Enter your Namecheap domain there.

6. Your Account Information
Enter your username and 4-8 characters pincode.

7. Your Billing Information:
Fill up them and select paypal in payment information.
How to buy Web Hosting from Hostgator

8. Addons
Hostgator have three addons
SiteLock, Jumpstart and goMobi Mobile Website Builder.
If you don’t need them uncheck the boxes.
How to buy Web Hosting from Hostgator

9. Coupon Code
Enter “WaysToMakeSite” in coupon field to get $9.95 discount.
Best Hostgator discount deal ever.
Web Hosting from Hostgator

10. Continue
Check I have read and agree to the terms and conditions of use.
And click on Create Account button, then u will be taken to the Paypal payment page .
How to buy Web Hosting from Hostgator

Hostgator will send you an Email and phone call for confirming your order.

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