How to Add Slideshow in Wordpress Post

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You want to add slideshow in wordpress blog? It's so simple,you just need to follow my this tutorial step by step to do this.Let's get started.
Slideshow in Wordpress

Add Slideshow in Wordpress

First thing you need to do is downloading the wordpress slideshow plugin. After accessing you wordpress Dashboard click on Plugins > Add New from sidebar of your panel.
Slideshow in Wordpress
After coming next page write "ShowTime SlideShow" in searchbox then click on search button. Install this plugin in your site then activate it.This is best and simple plugin for slideshow and it also works in all type of devices.

The next think you need to add short code in your post or page where you want to show your slide images. For this you need to select HTML format while you edit your post. then write [showtime] in your post.
Slideshow in Wordpress

Then go back to Visual format and upload your all images by clicking on upload image button.

Slideshow in Wordpress

After uploading all images you won't need to do anything about their setting even you won't need to Save all changes button.Upload all then close the box and Publish your post.
You will see your slideshow in your new post..

Now click on Media > ShowTime SlideShow from left side of your control panel to change settings.

If you face in any problem feel fee to contact with me.. :)

How to Set Best Wordpress Contact Form Plugin

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In this post I am going to show you, how you can install and set best wordpress contact form plugin in your wordpress website or blog. This is so easy and I will show you full tutorial step by step. If you follow my steps you can add a new contact form page in your website for your customers and visitors.
Wordpress Contact Form Plugin

Install Best Wordpress Contact Form Plugin :

With my tutorial you can install "Fast Secure Contact Form" plugin in your blog. This is a top rated contact plugin and I also use it in all my wordpress blogs for my visitors.

Step-1 : Install Plugin
First you need to enter your admin panel to install this contact plugin. Click on Plugins > Add New from left sidebar from your dashboard. 
Then you will see a search box there. Enter "Fast Secure Contact Form" in the search box and hit Search Plugins button.
Wordpress Contact Form Plugin
After getting search result click on Install Plugin to add this plugin with your website.If your browser warn you then click on Ok button.
Then the installation process will be began. Click on Active Plugin after installing this plugin in your server.

Step-2 : Set Contact Form
Next thing you need to do is,setting your contact form plugin. Click on "FS Contact Form" from Plugins menu. 

You can enter your form's name,introduction for your visitors from here. You need to enter your email address where you want to receive your visitor's mail in Email To box. From Security you can enable or disable captcha for your form. 
You can add or remove fields from Fields menu.
Wordpress Contact Form Plugin

Step- 3: Create Page
Now copy Shortcode from your Basic Setting page. You need to create a page and paste your code there.
Create a page from Pages > Create New Page from left-side of your admin panel. Enter "Contact Us" in title box and paste your shortcode in post box. Then click on Publish button.
After publishing view your contact page. You can see your contact form there. 
Wordpress Contact Form Plugin
You can change design,Thank you page,Description and anything from your plugin dashboard. 
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Buy GoDaddy Cheap Domain at $1.49 Only!

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GoDaddy is one of the most popular Domain Company in this world. I also got my domain from GoDaddy because They are doing great in this business and I am really happy for their 24/7 support system. One of my old post I write about how to buy cheap .com domain from GoDaddy. You can buy your domain name from at $5 with that post.
In my this post I am going to give you a great discount coupon. With this coupon you can buy domain from GoDaddy only at $1.49!!

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GoDaddy Cheap Domain Coupon:

This is a limited offer coupon from GoDaddy.
You can buy Domain at $1.49+Vat with Coupon.
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How to buy cheap domain from GoDaddy:

This tutorial will help you to get your domain name at cheap rate. You just need to follow my tutorial step by step to save your $13 .

Step-1: Get That Coupon
First you need to go to their Discount page to grab this coupon. Click the button below to do your first step.
 DoDaddy $1.49 Domain

Step-2: Search Your Domain
After clicking on that button you will see their Discount page like this:
GoDaddy Cheap Domain
Enter your Domain name in search box and hit Search button. 

Step-3:Add Domain
If your domain name is available then you will see a congratulation dialog box. Click on Add nutton from side of your domain name then Click on Add to Cart button.
GoDaddy Cheap Domain
Step-4: Select 1 Year
This offer is only for 1 year domain name. Select 1 Year from your next cart page. Don't worry you can  renew your Domain in Next year and I will give you renewal coupon. After selecting one year from Term click on Proceed to Checkout button.
GoDaddy Cheap Domain
Step-5: Create an Account
After clicking on Proceed to Checkout button you will see their login page. If you have already a GoDaddy Account then login in your account and If you don't have then click on Continue button.
GoDaddy Cheap Domain

Step-6: Information
After clicking on Continue button you need to give your Billing and Account Information to GoDaddy to create your new GoDaddy account. Fill up all text box with your correct information.

Step-6: Payment Info

You need to give your payment information below Account Information to buy your Domain name. Enter your card's information in there then click on Continue button to pay GoDaddy for Domain.
GoDaddy Cheap Domain

Step-6: Check Email

After paying them check your email address for their congratulation email.After receiving  their email Login to your GoDaddy Account to control your Domain.

Thank You. :)

Top 10 Free Wordpress Portfolio Themes

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It is really hard to find top rated free wordpress portfolio themes. Most of portfolio themes are paid. Here you will get top 10 free portfolio themes with their Download link. You can use these themes to create your or your company's portfolio website. These themes are totally free for everyone and these are top rated themes in wordpress directory. 
You just need to download any of them and upload in your wordpress website's theme folder. If you don't know how to change wordpress theme then read this post : How to change wordpress theme.

Free Wordpress Portfolio Themes:

  • WP-Creativix 
  • Portfolio Press
  • Mixfolio
  • Pictorico
  • Chun
  • Ravel
  • Phogra
  • Corpo
  • MeadowHill
  • CV Card
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Download Wordpress Portfolio Themes:

Corpo Wordpress Theme: One of the best wordpress portfolio theme to build website for business company.

WP-Creativix : Very clean design for portfolio website. You can customize it's color,design,header etc if you want.

Portfolio Press Wordpress Theme: It is a responsive themes and you can use it like your work's showcase.

Mixfolio Wordpress Theme: It is also a responsive portfolio themes for wordpress website.


Pictorico Wordpress Theme : It is a single-column and  grid-based portfolio theme.


Chun Wordpress Theme:


Ravel Wordpress Theme: Ravel is a responsive and one of the best theme for personal profile website.


Phogra Wordpress Theme: You can customize phogra theme to create your photography online showcase.


MeadowHill Wordpress Theme:


CV Card Wordpress Theme: One of my most favorite theme for personal website.


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Top 10 Free Wordpress Music Themes

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In this post I am going to show you top 10 Free Wordpress Music Themes and going to give you their Download link. You can easily use these music wordpress themes to create your music website. You know, Wordpress is the best CMS for creating all kinds of website. If you don't know how to Install wordpress then read How to Install Wordpress Easily.
These themes are really Free for everyone so choose your wordpress music theme now to start your music website with wordpress.

Free Wordpress Music Themes :

  1. MusicPortal music theme
  2. MusicNation music theme
  3. MusicStar music theme
  4. MusicLife music theme
  5. MusicConcert music theme
  6. MusicSense music theme
  7. MusicStore music theme
  8. MusicStyle music theme
  9. iMusic music theme
  10. Manolya music theme

Download Wordpress Music Themes :

MusicPortal: This is a 3 columns wordpress theme. 








Wordpress Music Themes

Wordpress Music Themes

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Top 3 Best VPS Hosting Providers with Coupon

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Choosing Best VPS Hosting Provider this the one of the most important step for a web entrepreneur. There are lot of VPS providers in online so It is really hard to find best VPS Hosting providers without researching. Me and my waystomakesite team researched about top rated vps hosting providers recently and In this post we are going to tell you about top 3 best vps hosting providers and their features. You will also get latest vps coupon from them in my this post.
Best VPS Hosting Providers
They are giving their vps service from long time and they are really doing great in this business.

Top Three Best VPS Hosting Providers:

Here is your top 3 best vps providers. Under the list I have written their features.

VPS Company Rating Get Coupon
Interserver VPS Provider
     VPS Provider  
NameCheap VPS Provider
     Namechep VPS  
1and1 VPS Provider
     VPS Provider  

Features of Best VPS Hosting Providers:

Now I am going to tell you about these companies's features. Check out all of them and think which will be the best for you and your business.

Interserver VPS Provider:
Interserver has High Performance Storage for their Customer.
Cloud Backups and Snapshots
One Public IP Address.
Ipv6 Addresses
Their control panel is so easy to use.
Instant Root Access
Their servers are protected by Raid10.
Interserver's updates are rebootless.
They give 24/7 support to their VPS and webhosting customers.
Interserver has also great DNS manager. 
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NameCheap VPS Provider:
Namecheap has 4 VPS packages. They are a well known company in this business. You can select any package from them for your online business. Here is their main features:
Namecheap provide Full-Featured VPS Hosting.
You can easily Upgrade or Downgrade your VPS package.
They offer 3 types of server management for their customers.Self-managed, managed or fully managed server.
They host VPS plans on high performance networks out of Atlanta or Phoenix.
24/7 support.
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1and1 VPS Provider: 1and1 also has 4 packages for their VPS customers. They are the most cheapest VPS provider in this world. Here is their main Features:
Their servers are available with Linux and Windows.
1and1's administrator tools are Parallels Plesk 12 and 1&1 Control Center. 
They use high performance components.
They give 24/7 support.
GeoTrust SSL certificates
Free Domain name.
SSH shell access
( Read More )

Hope This list will help you to choose the best vps provider for your business..

Top 10 Calligraphy Tattoo Fonts for Designers

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This time Calligraphy Tattoo Fonts are one of the most popular fonts to web developers and designers. They can use these fonts to design personal website or fashion related website. If you are a web designer and want to create a beautiful website then you can use tattoo fonts to make your web page more beautiful and cool. There are lot of tattoo fonts in online but Today I am going to give you Top 10 most popular and beautiful tattoo fonts and these fonts are totally free for everyone.
Calligraphy Tattoo Fonts
You can also you these fonts to design business cards,invitation cards,flyers and anywhere you want. Just download these fonts and start working with these best Calligraphy Tattoo Fonts.
If you are thinking to download beautiful calligraphy fonts then this post is for you: Top 10 most beautiful calligraphy fonts .

Download Calligraphy Tattoo Fonts:

Here is your top tattoo fonts,Feel free to download them for your website designing.

1. Scriptina Calligraphy Tattoo Font :
Calligraphy Tattoo Fonts

2. Precious Calligraphy Tattoo Font :
Calligraphy Tattoo Fonts

3. Billy Calligraphy Tattoo Font :
Calligraphy Tattoo Fonts

4. Eutemia Calligraphy Tattoo Font :
Calligraphy Tattoo Fonts

5. Beyond Calligraphy Tattoo Font :
Calligraphy Tattoo Fonts

6. Vtks Calligraphy Tattoo Font :
Calligraphy Tattoo Fonts

7. Unchanged Calligraphy Tattoo Font :
Calligraphy Tattoo Fonts

8. Pentagon Calligraphy Tattoo Font :
Calligraphy Tattoo Fonts

9. Extra Calligraphy Tattoo Font :
Calligraphy Tattoo Fonts

10. Vlad Tepes II Calligraphy Tattoo Font :
Calligraphy Tattoo Fonts

Hope you liked this listing. You can also add your favorite Tattoo fonts in this list. Email me with your download link and image from Contact page. :)